Update: The Station Fire Still in the News

I am glad to learn that the lessons of the Station have not been forgotten, even if the tragedy has faded in public consciousness over the last decade.

This mention of the fire came as a result of the political circus otherwise known as the 2016 Presidential Campaign. No matter what our beliefs may be, I think we can all agree this has gone on far too long.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump recently complained in a stump speech that the Colorado Springs fire marshal refused entry to some of his supporters once the rally’s venue, a hotel ballroom, reached its occupancy limit. Mr. Trump also claimed his real-estate background gave him a better sense of fire safety than the official hired by the city of Colorado Springs.

While Mr. Trump accused the fire marshal, Brett Lacey, of acting out of political ill-will, Mr. Lacey noted that Mr. Trump’s campaign sold more tickets to more people than could fit in the venue. Overselling of tickets was one of the factors that led to the number of fatalities and injuries at the Station.

A much more direct reference to the Station came from a member of the National Fire Protection Association, Robert Solomon, who cited the consequences of overcrowding at the night club as the strongest possible argument in favor of occupancy limits.

In the next few days, I  will post some fire-prevention and fire-safety tips, because I only want to see my readers in the news for good reasons.

Stay safe, my friends,