Welcome to my humble blog!

Featured here are my weekly reviews of true-crime books. I do work in a library, after all.

What do I mean by “true crime?” Murder, of course, crimes of passion and of greed, but also “smaller” crimes. Negligence. Cutting corners. And less-“everyday” crimes, like terrorism and espionage.

I love binge-watching Forensic Files as much as the next person, so I will also keep you informed about what is worth watching on Netflix, along with nostalgic retrospectives on the classics. Everyone needs a little of Bill Kurtis’s voice from time to time.

When I come across a truly exceptional work of crime fiction, whether a book or movie, I hope you will not begrudge me sharing it with you here. As we know, the truth is much stranger, and often much darker, than fiction.

My trusty sidekick, True-Crime Cat, and I look forward to serving and entertaining you.

-The Librarian