Hello there!

It’s a time of big changes. I’m moving, looking for a full time job, getting married–and this shake-up has made its way to my blog.

How are you liking the new theme? I think it’s much less distracting.

Don’t worry, all the great true-crime and dark content of this site will keep coming–and more, I hope, as I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel of comps.

I’ve been doing some freelancer work for the last year, and I’ve decided to set up a separate website and blog dedicated to my professional writing and editing.

I’m so glad to have this platform to continue sharing my amateur-sleuthing hobby, and my fiction, with all of you.

I’d be more than honored if you head on over to my new site and sign up to receive notifications for that one as well. I’m going to be posting a lot of great writing tips, especially for ESL writers.

Thanks for always believing in me and sticking with me! I couldn’t do it without the encouragement I get from my readers here.


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