Dear Readers,

Media Mention

I owe a big thanks to the team at Kim Knows Nothing. They gave a wonderful shout-out about True Crime Librarian on their most recent episode, (No. 15) “The Suicide Killer” . Check for the mention at the 2:19 mark.

My New Publication Credit

Additionally, stop what you are doing–STOP IT RIGHT NOWand subscribe to the Lit Politics newsletter.

Lit Politics is a brand-spanking-new e-zine that brings the week in politics to your inbox every Friday morning. Featuring four of the week’s biggest stories, along with takes from both the Left and the Right, the newsletter is part of the Lit Politics mission to “[ignite] an informed generation, lit on politics.”

Lit Politics is run entirely by young professionals. Yours truly is coming along for the ride as a rotating contributor. My first analysis pieces (from the Left, of course!) feature in this week’s newsletter.

While I believe an online archive is in the works, the only current way to enjoy the best political writing by young people is to go to and subscribe for the newsletter.

Do so before 11:59 this Thursday and you get to enjoy more of my writing. Check for the Allison Shely byline.


Quite a Mix-Up

Saw this gem of a sign outside a local doctor’s office. Not sure if I should have laughed or cried.

Think of what you could do with this in a screenplay

3 thoughts on “Stop the Presses! Media Mentions & My Guest Contributor Pieces

  1. Congratulations! All writers crave worthy forums to showcase their talents. I’m glad you have another one. By the way, thanks for following my site. I’ll be reviewing The Midnight Assassin by Skip Hollandsworth next. He’s a fellow Texan and “Assassin” is about America’s “first” serial killer–in Austin no less. Cheers.


      1. It is. Sadly, and typically, the killings didn’t garner much attention until he killed a white woman. Then everybody went bananas and there was the, inevitable, purely speculative linkage to Jack the Ripper. To me, that’s blah , blah. I’m more interested in the psychology of the murderer and what they were and were not able to glean, in that regard, at the time.


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