Police Scanner Tuesday–21 March 2017


Big, big story today (you could even call it “yuge”):

FBI Director James Comey confirms the Bureau is investigating ties between the Trump Campaign and the Kremlin in a shocking hearing before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday.

Moreover, Mr. Comey categorically denied any factual basis for President Trump’s allegation that then-President Obama wiretapped his home base, Trump Tower. The NSA also confirms there is no factual basis for the allegation. Since his original accusation on March 4 (via Twitter), President Trump has gone on to allege that the U.K. foreign intelligence agency aided President Obama’s eavesdropping.

Both the FBI and NSA chiefs did not clarify if the lack of factual basis indicated purposeful falsehood (more commonly called lies), misinformation, or delusion on the part of the accuser.

Stay tuned: you’re living in a paperback spy novel.


Blog news: I had a great talk with visiting author J. David Bethel yesterday evening. I want to thank him again from the bottom of my heart. I hope to have the transcript up tomorrow afternoon; I don’t trust my transcribing abilities while I have this migraine.

Someone invent a migraine cure, please.

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