Happy Wednesday.

My apologies for the delay. After a day of fun in the sun yesterday, after a winter of hiding inside, my brains were a little addled by dehydration.

In the last week:

  1. During my time in Orlando, Orlando native Casey Anthony resurfaced for the first time since her acquittal to claim she still doesn’t know how her daughter died.
  2. A St. Louis man was arrested for making hoax bomb threats to Jewish community centers in what was evidently an attempt to frame his ex-girlfriend as an anti-Semite and bomber. This follows from an investigation into the scores of phoned-in bomb threats and multiple incidents of vandalism against Jewish institutions. I don’t know what disgusts me more, people who make such threats motivated by some sort of racial/ethnic animus, or people who do it cynically to make use of the shock value. I fear the cynically motivated will diminish public outrage against real threats and hoaxes whose motive is only to terrify a minority population.
  3. A new report suggests just how horrifyingly more likely blacks are to be wrongly convicted than whites, as well as how much more likely to receive harsher sentences than whites convicted of the same crime. Sentences are even harsher for black defendants convicted of a crime with a white victim.


To leave you on a happier note, I wish everyone a wonderful International Women’s Day. I won’t force you to read these brutal statistics on worldwide violence against women, but you ought to know they’re there and they’re real.

Sleep tight,


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