It is, technically, still Tuesday.

The way last week went down, I’m afraid what I might find out happened overnight.

Biggest Story This Week:

A white supremacist shot two Indian men in Olathe, Nebraska.The shooter confronted the two victims, Srinivas Kuchibholta and  Alok Madasani, with racially charged language before opening fire. Mr. Kuchibholta died, leaving behind a wife, but Mr. Madasani survived and is recovering. Ian Grillot, a bystander, took several bullets while attempting at first to deescalate the situation and then protect Mr. Kuchibholta and Mr. Madasani. The accused shooter then fled to another bar, confiding in the bartender that he had shot “Iranians.” The bartender wisely and bravely called police, and the suspect is now in custody.

Calls for the President himself to condemn the attack have, thus far, gone unanswered.

Other Examples of Terrible Human Beings Who Manifested Themselves in the Last Seven Days:

  1. Coming in the wake of the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri, featured in last week’s Police Scanner Tuesday, an almost identical attack took place at another Jewish cemetery, this one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The damage was discovered Monday morning.
  2. Meanwhile, just like last Monday, bomb threats forced the evacuation of Jewish community centers in eleven states.
  3. While this did not happen in the last week, this incident returned to the news. A white Georgia couple has been convicted and will serve a combined twenty years in jail for terrorizing a black child’s birthday party in July 2015. The convicted, flying the Confederate battle flag on their pickup truck and screaming racial slurs, approached party attendees, threatening violence. Thirteen other people are charged in relation to the incident.  At least one person charged was carrying a shotgun. The incident occurred shortly after admitted white supremacist and convicted terrorist Dylann Roof killed nine people in a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. Those charged were participating in a demonstration in support of the Confederate flag, which Roof posed with in a photo on social media some time before the shooting.


If you feel the need to victimize a minority group, seek help.

Profiles of groups that track and work to prevent hate crimes coming in the next week.

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