Given that we all could use a break from the crazy world we live in, I have decided to combine two proven stress relievers: yoga, recommended by gurus and doctors for millennia, and cats, the darlings of the Internet.

While the combo might be amusing to the outside observer, the person doing the combining has a very different experience.

The first problem: Yoga takes place on the floor. A cat’s thinks a human on the floor must be preparing for a nap. Cat will attempt to join.

Second: Rhythmic movement. After having cleared my mind and closed my eyes for an incredible 30 seconds, I opened them to find that Sassy was following my every move, her head tracking after the hands I was trying to raise without falling over. Not even her love for me (or at least for can food) could suppress her killer instincts. Thankfully, my poses became less interesting to her and kitty claws did not meet yoga pants.

Third: Cats’ complete disrespect for personal space (See #1). Having avoided kitty hurting me, I had to worry about hurting her. Being so graceful, cats must assume that a human balancing on one knee and the top of the other foot is completely stable. No need to worry about human falling over. Here, human, let me walk underneath you as you lift your torso into the air, supported by only your shoulders and feet. Consider it encouragement.

(No cats were harmed in the making of this post.)

There is one thing about yoga with cats that makes it better than yoga without cats: as you relax afterwards, you can smile at the sight of your furry friend practicing “sleeping feline” pose on the mat.

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