And now, a message from the Cat, translated by the Librarian:

I am a black cat.

I am not a curse.

I am not bad luck.

I am, in fact, extremely lucky.

I am lucky because Black Cat Rescue of Boston could take me in. I am lucky that I had a wonderful foster dad until Mommy (aka, the Librarian) saw my mugshot online. (Check out my brother and sister shelter kitties!)

I am lucky because I was only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors. I am lucky to have found a forever home despite not being the cute little kitten I once was.  I am lucky because irresponsible humans adopt black cats for Halloween decor…and abandon them by the end of All Saints’ Day.

I’m so happy to have a good home and a nice human Mom. Remember to adopt, not shop. If your landlord isn’t as awesome as ours, consider volunteering with a local shelter or donating. I would recommend Black Cat Rescue, but I may just be biased.

May the mice be ever within your reach,

Sassy the Cat

Don’t deny it: I’m adorable.

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